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Ohio State Running Back Rod Smith Dismissed


The Dispatch is reporting that Rod Smith failed a drug test and has been dismissed from the Ohio State football team. After a pretty decent 7 game run with the Buckeyes this season, the senior cannot finish the year. He had a couple of issues in the spring with meeting attendance and academics but had come around. He became the short yardage runner this fall rushing for 5 touchdowns and 101 yards.

10/28/2014 9:15:50 AM
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Five Questions With Alex Stump



Alex Stump, wide receiver from Lakewood St Edwards and recent 2015 commitment for the Buckeyes, answered a few questions for us on his high school career and his recruitment. See additional coverage on the here and here.

10/24/2014 11:37:21 AM
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Ohio State Moves Up In Polls After Rutgers Rout


The Ohio State Buckeyes moved higher to number 12 in the coaches poll after routing Rutgers Saturday in the Ohio Stadium. The poll released Sunday is disappointing to Buckeye fans who are looking to move into one of the top spots before the season comes to an end. Rutgers wasn’t much of a challenge for OSU who finished the game with an impressive 56 points only allowing the Scarlet Knights to score 17. The BCS no longer includes the Coaches poll in calculating who plays for the National Title at the end of the year so it is irrelevant for the most part.

10/20/2014 12:56:14 PM
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Ohio State Looks To Continue To Roll Against Maryland


If you ask me, and others, Maryland sports have a very obvious pecking order with hoops at the very top, football next, after which the rest of the entertaining things like lacrosse and soccer.  Unlike most universities, Maryland football doesn't possess a clear-cut, standard rivalry game that places some strange item from the very early 1900s at risk annually.  Among their most significant "rivals" must be Virginia, however the meeting has just been once-a-year since 1957, and with Maryland becoming a member of the Big Ten, there's no guarantee that they'll carry on and participate in the game going forward.  Furthermore, what damages Maryland-Virginia with regards to its rivalry game durability is the fact Virginia has two larger rivals besides Maryland: Virginia Tech and North Carolina.

10/1/2014 11:36:35 PM
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Buckeyes Freshman Johnnie Dixon Out For The Whole Season

Johnnie Dixon

Ohio State Football: Buckeyes Lose Johnnie Dixon to Injury

The Buckeyes, Ohio State Football team, have just lost a fourth freshman, Johnnie Dixon, to injury and he will be out for the rest of the 2014 season since he needs to undergo surgery on both knees as well as the time to recover.

Urban Meyer, head coach, told the media that the wide receiver, Dixon, has been battling minor injuries since his junior year in high school.

9/26/2014 8:58:15 AM
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Buckeyes Go Head to Head with Bearcats
The current University of Cincinnati Bearcats ...

The current University of Cincinnati Bearcats logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fresh off their win against the Kent State Golden Flashes, the OSU Buckeyes are ready to face the Cincinnati Bearcats on September 27.

In the 2013 season, the Bearcats finished third in the Big East (Now called the American) with a record of 9-4 and 6-2. The Bearcats’ so far have faced Toledo and will have Miami (OH) this weekend. Coming face to face with the Buckeyes shall be a challenge. Memphis & a non-conference game with Miami (FL) await them. Coming off a bye-week after their fresh win, the Buckeyes too will be ready to take on the in state rivals.

9/17/2014 3:58:27 PM
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Ohio State Buckeyes Beat the Kent State Golden Flashes 66-0
Kent State Golden Flashes athletic logo

Kent State Golden Flashes athletic logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Buckeye players have an ardent fan base. They are probably one of the most recognized teams in all the country. Buckeyes are also still considered one of the contenders for the top spot in the game despite their loss to Virginia Tech last week.

The Kent state Golden Flashes on the other had, have had a pretty good run in the past but don’t play the level of competition or recruit the level of player that the Buckeyes do. Last week the Flashes went head to head with OSU in a nail biting game for about 10 minutes. This was the third meeting between the teams. It was over quickly.

9/17/2014 3:42:52 PM
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The Buckeyes Are Ready for the New Season
English: National Association of Basketball Co...

English: National Association of Basketball Coaches NCAA Championship Trophy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Buckeyes basketball schedule has been released. Starting November 9th, the Buckeyes shall play five teams twice. One game shall be on home turf and the second one would be away. They shall also be playing 8 teams once. The full 31 game schedule is available online

The Buckeyes represent the university in NCAA Division I College Basketball competition. Way back in 1898 is when the Basketball team was formed and since winning their first National Championship in 1960, they’ve made a total of 21 appearances in the NCAA tournaments.

Ohio state boats of basketball greats such as Larry Siegfried, Jessica Davenport, Fred Taylor and Frank Howard among its alumni.

9/11/2014 9:09:11 AM
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Go Buckeyes!
Brutus in Austin, TX before a football game ag...

Brutus in Austin, TX before a football game against the Texas Longhorns (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Go Buckeyes commercial still cracks me up. Remember the one where this couple is introducing themselves (the woman is driving) to each other. It becomes apparent that they are actually on a blind date and the guy jumps out of the car because the woman, while introducing herself, chants the rival college football team's slogan. Not only does he jump out of a moving car he yells back GO BUCKEYES loud enough.

Come to think of it why would someone go through such extremes for football. Well, if you are thinking exactly that then I would like to warn you to stop hear, pick up a glossy and start reading because the rest of this article is of little importance to you.

9/11/2014 8:50:18 AM
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Ohio State Vs. Virginia Tech
Frank Beamer prepares to lead the Virginia Tec...

Frank Beamer prepares to lead the Virginia Tech Hokies onto the field. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ohio State/Va Tech Football - It is definitely unique, no one-of-a-kinds here, except maybe for Tech's cheer.

Watching the Midshipmen brigade go marching out onto the field there in Baltimore is indeed a spectacle. Then you have the sing-along by all the players as well as the Ohio State/Navy alma maters, followed by handshakes. Now all the emotional trappings of the game have ended.

Saturday night begins a whole new season as the Buckeyes will come to see:

Ohio St. vs. Va. Tech - Beamer ball versus Urban Renewal. It takes place under the lights there on ESPN, at the Horseshoe, with Lou Holtz and Mark May arguing as they always do on camera, and then awarding the helmet stickers later on. It is much like the battle promotions the Navy men will experience one day.

9/5/2014 10:46:16 PM
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A Preview Of Ohio State, Navy
English: Justin Boren blocking for Dane Sanzen...

English: Justin Boren blocking for Dane Sanzenbacher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The final preparations for the opener game on Saturday between the Buckeyes and Navy come one week after coach Urban Meyer of Ohio State lost Braxton Miller, a three-year starting quarterback. The coach assured that his team is ready because he believes he is coaching a good team. Meyer said that Miller did undergo surgery on Tuesday to treat a torn labrum in the right shoulder that he (Miller) uses for throwing. Dr. James Andrews, the famous doctor who treats athletes for the school did the operation. Under normal circumstances, Miller would celebrate his win as an elected team captain together with four other players.

8/27/2014 3:09:15 PM
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Buckeye's Braxton Miller Scheduled For Surgery


Ohio State relies heavily on Braxton Miller on the field as he is the senior quarterback for the football team. Unfortunately, he has suffered a string of injuries as of late which will cause him to sit out the 2014 season. This latest development has been confirmed shortly after Miller hurt his right shoulder. He already had a surgery on the same area a few months ago and now he will have to go under the knife yet again.

8/22/2014 2:22:02 PM
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Ezekiel Elliott Suffers A Fractured Wrist

Ezekiel Elliott

Ohio State University running back Ezekiel Elliott has suffered a fractured wrist that will require surgical treatment. According to a recent statement, the sophomore player will undergo the surgery on Saturday morning to fix a left wrist injury. reports that Elliot has only a minor fracture with a pin inserted in it. The running back is expected to be back at practice by Thursday.

8/12/2014 4:10:01 PM
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Black Stripes No More: Samuel And McMillan Get The Thumbs Up In Ohio

Raekwon McMillan

The Ohio State football team has a tradition that every freshman must undergo: wear a black stripe on the helmet until you prove yourself in practice. Coach Urban Meyer started this as a rite of passage. Those that perform well during training can have their stripes removed and finally become part of the team.

This year, the first freshmen to get their stripes off were Raekwon McMillan and Curtis Samuel -- a linebacker and a running back, respectively. Coach Meyer has been very vocal about these recruits who have impressed him with their performance since they got on the campus field.

8/12/2014 4:03:00 PM
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Tracy Sprinkle Faces Suspension

Tracy Sprinkle

Tracy Sprinkle, the former high school football star from Elyria, was hit with a 1-game suspension, but has been reinstated to Ohio State.

OSU announced last Tuesday that they were reinstating the dismissed defensive end. He now must serve a 1-game suspension. The former high school football giant received his dismissal in July from head coach Urban Myer. This was the result of Tracy Sprinkle being arrested in connection with a bar fight in Northeast Ohio, which also led to charges that included cocaine possession.

The football star pleaded 'no contest' in the face of an amended misdemeanor at a hearing in Lorain Municipal Court. The charge was 'failure to comply', and was a part of the plea deal that included the prosecutors dropping the cocaine possession charges, along with rioting and possessing drug paraphernalia.

8/7/2014 10:06:22 AM
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