Chris Carter: The New Big Guy Of Ohio State Football Team

Chris Carter: The New Big Guy Of Ohio State Football Team

Chris Carter Ohio State 

Chris Carter: The New Big Guy Of Ohio State Football Team

The days of “Big Hank”,  Jonathan Hankins are over. With the entry of Chris Carter in Ohio State 2012 football team, weighing a staggering 375 pounds, Hankins with his 330 pounds looks pee-wee before him.

Last year, when Hankins was a freshman, he weighed about 355 pounds with a height of 6 feet 3 inches. Hankins has been working hard to loose some weight and he believes that with the reduced weight he can now perform better than ever before and also that he can stand for all the four downs. Jim Heacock, the former defensive coordinator also appreciates the weight loss of Hankins. Heacock believes that Hankins didn’t  realize his real potential before, though he is determined to put more and more effort in losing weight and making his game better.

Heacock further said that the Buckeyes have expansive plans for Hankins in Ohio State 2012 football games. He believes that Hankins is a great player with extraordinary talent in the defensive lineup. They want Hankins to play for at least two or more downs. With the improvements and determination of Hankins, they have big plans for him.

For the new big guy, Chris Carter, Luke Fickell said that Carter joined the summer conditioning with a weight of 360 pounds, and after 6 weeks he ended up gaining 20 more pounds. The coach said: How did that happen? Later, Carter said that at this time his goal is 360 pounds and he has already loosed 5 pounds weighing 375 now.

Hankins having gone through all this helps the teammate, Chris Carter by giving him tips on losing weight. Hankins said that he told Carter that being mentally strong is very necessary.

Chris Carter and Tommy Brown
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