Braxton Miller, Ohio State Football Are The Early Favorites To Win 2013 Trophies

Braxton Miller, Ohio State Football Are The Early Favorites To Win 2013 Trophies
John Cappelletti's 1973 Heisman Trophy is part...

John Cappelletti's 1973 Heisman Trophy is part of an exhibit at the Penn State All-Sports Museum located at Beaver Stadium, on the campus of the Pennsylvania State University. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Braxton Miller, Ohio State Football Are The Early Favorites To Win 2013 Trophies

Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller, as one of the big ten players of the year, stands a unique chance to win the 2013 championship. As a young and offensive player, Miller has demonstrated that he is one of the favorite players in college football. Having shown this immense talent, Miller is poise to take his passing game to a greater height come 2013.

Many critiques, especially supporters of Manziel as the Heisman winner will strongly disagree with this opinion. The truth be told, winning a trophy does not just mean an individual effort, but rather depends on the other team players. For one to win, he needs to have perfect big-time players to lend their protection and shoulder the pressure. This is what Miller has in this championship since he will have a stunning team of players returning this year (2013). Reliable sources reveal that the Ohio State will return four of its best offensive players. This is what Braxton Miller will be having that any other opponent such as Manziel will need so desperately.

A look at the previous year’s team under Urban Meyer shows that the team is headed to victory more than likely once again within the Big Ten and probably nationally too. Looking at what Alex Smith and Tim Tebow achieved under Meyer's coaching in which one player carried the Heisman Trophy while the other one lifted the NCAA's No. 1 is something to reckon with.

There are many ways in which the Ohio State football team envision winning the Big Ten Championship in 2013 and although  Braxton Miller is the sole quarterback, having been among the top three contenders last year creates a clear road map to go for the Heisman trophy this year. If Millers past performance with the prospect that he will add more elite performances, then Ohio State football is the team to beat.

Braxton Miller Heisman Highlights 2012
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