Night Games Scheduled For Ohio State Football Team This Year

Night Games Scheduled For Ohio State Football Team This Year
Ohio Stadium of Ohio State University as seen ...

Ohio Stadium of Ohio State University as seen from the outside, showing the Rotunda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Night Games Scheduled For Ohio State Football Team This Year

Ohio State University's Buckeyes play their home games in Ohio Stadium. For each game, the crowds are electric and constantly rooting for the home team. It's no secret that the fans love night games in Ohio Stadium. In fact, the two most attended games in the team's history have come at night in the past few seasons.

Luckily, the schedule for 2013 calls for three prime-time night games toward the end of the season. OSU will face Wisconsin on September 28, Penn State on October 26, and Northwestern on October 5. All three games will be televised at 8 p.m. on various networks, which is sure to excite college football fans. However, the real winners will be Ohio State football fans in the stadium.

OSU sports has a great winning percentage in night games played on the road or at home. Plus, the crowds are extra excited for these games for various reasons. Ohio State only played in two prime-time games last year. The extra game this time around is sure to please the school, especially since it requested more night games for 2013. Long tailgating parties only increase the excitement for the game and get the fans into a frenzy prior to entering the stadium for the game.

It's a great time to be an Ohio State football fan right now. Lately, the team has been performing pretty well overall. More night games in Ohio Stadium are great news for fans and players alike. They bring extra broadcast time to OSU, which makes the school more prestigious in various ways. In the end, the school hopes that more high school players will want to come to the university to play football.

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