Chris Jent Named Assistant Kings Coach

Chris Jent Named Assistant Kings Coach

Chris Jent Named Assistant Kings Coach

Fresh off a successful season as assistant coach to the OSU Buckeyes, Chris Jent recently joined the staff of the Sacramento Kings head coach Michael Malone.

Jent is a former NBA player as well as assistant coach to the Philadelphia 76ers and the Orlando Magic.  During the 2005 season, he took over as head coach for the last 18 games as interim coach, though he was not offered the position permanently.

For the last two seasons, Jent helped the Buckeyes win 60 games and was on board as they advanced to the final four in 2012. He is admired by Ohio State basketball fans who expressed disappointment in his leaving for the NBA.

Jent's extensive experience as a professional player, assistant coach, and director of player development make him a perfect fit for Coach Malone's team.  As a renaissance man of sorts, he can fill a key need for the Kings. Best known as LeBron James' personal shooting coach during his stint with the Cavaliers, Jent is expected to help the Kings in the same capacity.  Who receives Jent's instruction will depend on the player moves made during the off season.

Malone's choice of Chris Jent has been met with general approval from players and fans, so it appears that he will begin his new position with strong support.  Malone gets the help of a seasoned professional on his bench, and Jent gets to rejoin the NBA where he has spent most of his largely successful career.  On paper, it looks like the perfect basketball union, but sports honeymoons are notoriously short, so next season will tell the tale.

Chris Jent Interviewed by Ron Stokes
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