Go Buckeyes!

Go Buckeyes!
Brutus in Austin, TX before a football game ag...

Brutus in Austin, TX before a football game against the Texas Longhorns (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Go Buckeyes commercial still cracks me up. Remember the one where this couple is introducing themselves (the woman is driving) to each other. It becomes apparent that they are actually on a blind date and the guy jumps out of the car because the woman, while introducing herself, chants the rival college football team's slogan. Not only does he jump out of a moving car he yells back GO BUCKEYES loud enough.

Come to think of it why would someone go through such extremes for football. Well, if you are thinking exactly that then I would like to warn you to stop hear, pick up a glossy and start reading because the rest of this article is of little importance to you.

Not just college football, it’s a matter of pride

The name Buckeye is derived from Ohio’s national tree Aesculus Galabra commonly known as the Ohio Buckeye. It is also a common tern which refers to people from the state. The Buckeye is called so because its fruit resembles the eye of a deer and a common belief is that if you carry a buckeye it will bring luck.

Like most of their equipment and uniforms, the football teams’ helmets bear the familiar Buckeye leaf pattern.

The Buckeyes have been playing football for 125 years. They proudly represent Ohio State University and compete as part of the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. Their very first season dates back to 1890 and all in all The Buckeyes have won seven national championships, ten undefeated seasons and 36 conference championships. Under Coach Paul Brown , they won their first national championship in 1942. The university boasts of alumni such as Chic Harley who started their sports career as part of the Buckeyes.

Everyone is already familiar with Brutus Buckeye, the team mascot, who leads the team onto the field. Brutus Buckeye is just that , a Buckeye with arms and feet.

This season is being celebrated as the programs’ 125th anniversary.

Let the games begin

Urban Meyers leads the team into his third year as coach for the current season. He’s had a good track record of 24 wins to 2 losses in the preceding seasons. The season started on August 30th , 2014 and the Buckeyes have already tasted loss at the hands of Virginia Tech that too on home turf.

The team also lost its standing as far as the ranks are considered and was ranked no. 22 of the top 25 teams. Although Meyer and the team are dejected by the teams’ first loss are trying to pick up the pieces.

Ranked high till last week, falling down to no. 22 means the Buckeyes have a lot to make up for. All we can say right now is GO BUCKEYES!

Ohio State Michigan blind date
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Ohio State 2017 Football Schedule

Cotton Bowl v USC 12/29 24-7

Big Ten Football Championship 27-21
Thu, Aug 31 @ Indiana 49-21

Sat, Sep 9 vs Oklahoma 16-31

Sat, Sep 16 vs Army 38-7

Sat, Sep 23 vs UNLV 54-21

Sat, Sep 30 @ Rutgers 56-0

Sat, Oct 7 vs Maryland 62-14

Sat, Oct 14 @ Nebraska 56-14

Sat, Oct 28 vs Penn State 39-38

Sat, Nov 4 @ Iowa 24-55

Sat, Nov 11 vs MI State 48-3

Sat, Nov 18 vs Illinois 52-14

Sat, Nov 25 @ Michigan 31-20

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