Ohio State and Beating the Oregon Ducks

Ohio State and Beating the Oregon Ducks


Ohio State has a good chance to beat the Oregon Ducks in the National Championship game Monday night for a number of reasons. Their game plan is capable to scoring on any team, their defensive line is capable of stopping the run, they can control the speed of the game, their coaching is outstanding, and they seem to be the team of destiny this year.

Urban Meyer has been in the program with the same offensive and many of the same defensive coaches for 3 years now. They know how they want to stop teams and they know how to score on teams. Oregon is capable of scoring a lot of points but so are the Buckeyes. Tom Herman’s last game with the team should be a great offensive display utilizing all the weapons they have put together recruiting kids from across the country. For the last two years they have put up 45+ points a game and over 510 yards, all built around what their quarterbacks can do. The plays are selective after much debate with all the coaches for that squad involved. And the results have been great. The basic approach is a power run game with spread were teams after defend the entire field.

The Big 10 has been loaded this year with great running backs and Ohio State has been able to keep them all from big break out games. Oregon has two good backs also, Royce Freeman and Thomas Tyner. But so did Alabama and Ohio State was able to stop their running attack. So the Buckeyes should be able to stop Oregon on the ground making them pass more than they want to.

Ohio State has been practicing playing against an up-tempo team since beating Alabama and knowing that this Oregon game was coming next. Ohio State plays up-tempo at times also and scared Alabama a little bit with their speed to the snap. The Buckeyes should be ready for Oregon’s quick snaps as they play in a similar way.

Meyer has a coaching advantage over Oregon Head Coach Mark Helfrich. Helfirch was asked about playing against great coaches during media day this weekend. If you’re the coach being asked that question, you understand that you are at a disadvantage.

And Ohio State is the team of destiny this year. They barely made the final four after skipping over a couple of teams at the last minute. Was picked to lose against Alabama. Has lost two starting quarterbacks, but have found a way to win with Cardale Jones in the most stressful situations. The Buckeyes have faces almost every adversity and here they are.

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