Reeves, Tanner and Bogard Finish Careers With Injuries

Reeves, Tanner and Bogard Finish Careers With Injuries


Three promising Ohio State football players with end their football careers due to ongoing injury issues. Devan Bogard, a junior special teams player, has had three major knee injuries during his career at Ohio State and is unable to continue playing. Ron Tanner, a fourth year safety, injured his foot this last season in the game against Cincinnati and it will not heel. And Armani Reeves, a junior starting nickel back, has ongoing anxiety from concussions he has suffered. The players will remain on scholarship but will not count against the schools limit because of a medical hardship waiver. The defensive backfield will need to promote some younger players this coming fall to fill the gaps left.

Coach Urban Meyer has tried to prepare his players for the time when they would no longer play the game, but when that day arrives it is difficult. The team participates in Wednesday sessions during the off-season where people are brought in from different professions to discuss working on a career outside of the football.

Tanner will work with Chris Ash as an assistant. He is an operations management major.

Reeves will work with the cornerbacks coach this spring and fall as a student assistant and hopes to graduate in communications and work in broadcasting.

Ohio State’s Devan Bogard

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