Two New Bowl Games in 2008

Two New Bowl Games in 2008

Two New Bowl Games in 2008

The NCAA Postseason Football Licensing Subcommittee has approved licenses for two new bowl games to be played at the end of the 2008 season.

By Eric Geier

            As if there already weren’t enough excuses to ditch your wife of girlfriend to go out and watch football with the guys, there are two more. That’s right; two new bowl games will be played at the end of 2008, adding to the already excessive line-up we encounter at the end of the regular college football season. The first new bowl game is the St. Petersburg Bowl, which will be played between December 20-23 at Tropicana Field in Florida. The match-up will include a Big East team facing off against a Conference USA team. Tropicana Field is home to the Tampa Bay Rays and the domed field has seen a variety of events, but never a college football game. The game will be owned and operated by ESPN Regional Television, which will make it one of the few games with a name that doesn’t make me shake my head in disgust, like I do when I hear ‘Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl’ or the ‘PetroSun Independence Bowl’ to name just a couple.

            The second bowl game to be approved is the “Congressional Bowl,” which will be played in Washington D.C. and presented by the Washington D.C. Bowl Committee.  Where the game will be played has yet to be decided, but next week it is believed the site will be announced, either Nationals Park or RFK Stadium will be chosen to host the game. The game will take place December 20th, with Navy facing an ACC opponent. It will be the first college football game to be held within the confines of D.C. Though they have been approved for play in 2008, they will have to apply again, like every other bowl, the following year to get re-approved. The Congressional Bowl Committee hopes to have Army in the bowl for 2009. Sean Metcalf and Marie Rudolph had been working for 17 months to bring a bowl game to D.C. Now that their dream has finally become a reality, Metcalf expressed his feelings, saying, “I'm not entirely sure it's sunk in yet. I don't think it will until we get the official letter from the NCAA . . . There's an old saying that I'm probably going to butcher, but it goes something like, 'Never underestimate what two committed people can make happen.' "
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