Number 36, Disrespected by the Hall of Fame

Number 36, Disrespected by the Hall of Fame
Chris Spielman

Chris Spielman was not inducted into the College HOF, should he have been? 

Bill Smith: Spielman absolutely belongs in the HOF.  He was dominant during his years at OSU and was the epitome of everything that is good about college sports.  He was too small and too slow but had a heart big enough to stuff any hole in the D-line.  He was also one of the highest football IQ players in the game.  To add to his resume he has become one of the best TV color men in the business.     

Pete Quint: I don't know anything about the "behind the scenes politics" of the HOF selection but according to John Cooper Chris was robbed because of them. I have confidence that Spielman will get in soon but it's sad to hear that the HOF is more a popularity contest than a barometer of accomplishment.

Eric Geier: Spielman is more of a fan favorite than a favorite amongst people that matter. He had a great career at OSU and has showed his love for the game by moving to broadcasting, but he still hasn't paid his dues, give it another decade or so and he'll make it if he's still involved in the sport.

Ryan Leonardo: Yes. Especially with all of the off the field stuff with breast cancer he has accomplished.  I'm not sure that is taken into account though. He'll get in eventually.

Steve Patterson: It will probably bother him until he is inducted but it shouldn’t because he had a great college career, a fairly long NFL career, and continues to succeed and give back.
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