The Herald violated more than Journalism Principles

The Herald violated more than Journalism Principles

The Herald violated more than Journalism Principles

    John Tomase, the reporter that broke the story that the Pats had taped the Rams walk-through before the Superbowl. He apologized for not having vetted the story as throughly as he should have. That is only part of the story, if you will excuse my pun.

By Bill Smith

    Today, the traditional media including newspapers, television network news, and most cable news are more interested in advancing an agenda than they are in telling the truth. I am not defending the Pats. Personally, I believe that there have been a lot more violations than the NFL and the team admits to. But, in sports coverage and the coverage of national and international news, we have seen the antique media write their beliefs in the news as if it was fact.

    The Herald like almost every other paper in the US is losing readership and revenues to the Internet, cable news and other outlets. When Tomase got wind of a possible violation by the local team of a gargantuan nature, he jumped on it. He did so not because he wanted it to be true, or because his source was so reliable. He did it to sell newspapers. The primary principle of journalism is “if it bleeds it leads.” But in this case, like in so many others in recent years, what is bleeding is the Herald.

    I will give the Herald credit for one thing—at least they didn't bury the retraction on page d32. Many of the less than honorable media outlets would have. But that does not absolve them of their guilt. 

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams and has scouted talent. He is a senior writer for He has also published several novels on and edits
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