Buckeyes To Dominate the NFL Draft in 2009

Buckeyes To Dominate the NFL Draft in 2009

Buckeyes To Dominate the NFL Draft in 2009

A rundown of the top Ohio State Buckeyes that will be eligible for the 2009 NFL Draft.

By David McKinney

LB James Laurinaitis - He has the tools he needs for the NFL and has been compared to AJ Hawk in the past but the comparions are not fair. AJ is an instincts first and speed second player now with the Green Bay Packers. Laurinaitis is the opposite, with decent instincts but better speed to make up for what he lacks.

RB Chris Wells - Wells is comparable to the great Eddie George except that he is a much bigger running back and could very well be faster. He can run between tackles better than any other running back at the college level. And his breakaway speed will give him an edge in the draft rankings when he decides to leave Ohio State. Anyone that saw the National Championship game, saw Wells' speed as even All-American Craig Steltz could not catch him.

CB Malcolm Jenkins - Jenkins likely would have been the top Corner Back taken this past draft, but he decided to come back for his senior year to get the bad taste of losing two straight National Championship games out of his mouth. He has excellent size (6'2"), and he's the type of shutdown corner that teams are looking for at the next level. He has also played safety in the nickel package, which makes his NFL stock that much higher. He reminds people a lot of Charles Woodson from Michigan, the only defensive player to ever win the Heisman.

T Alex Boone - He's struggled a bit in the past two NC games against speed rushers from Florida and LSU, but the blocking scheme Ohio State implements could have a little to do with that. He's your big, mauler Left Tackle, much in the same mold as an St Louis Ram's Orlando Pace or Jonathan Ogden. He'll need to work on his athleticism, but he can play Left Tackle in the NFL.

LB Marcus Freeman - He might not go until the second round, but he definitely could move up to the 1st round if he has a solid final year for the Buckeyes. He was the unsung hero for the Bucks against LSU in the National Championship game, leading the defense. He is extremely athletic and has played a lot in coverage. He'll fit perfectly as an Outside Linebacker in a 4-3 defense. A good NFL comparison would be Derrick Brooks.

WR Brian Robiskie - Teams have said that they think he'll bloom in the NFL, and that's scary; he's been a top Wide Receiver for Ohio State the past two years. He came back for his senior year even though he could have been selected higher in 2008 over the 2009 draft. He has great size for a Wide Receiver (6'3") and can go up in the air to catch balls. He runs very polished routes (better than Ginn, Holmes, and most other recent OSU products), as his dad Terry has been a wide receiver's coach in the NFL for years.

G/T Steve Rehring - A 6'8", 345 pound mauler that can play Guard or Tackle at the next level. He lacks speed the speed needed at the Tackle position, so he'll most likely play Guard when he gets into a pro camp.

S Anderson Russell - He'll be a junior heading into 2008 fall, but he's fit for the NFL game now and might leave early when the season ends. He's had injury issues while at Ohio State, but NFL teams tend to overlook injuries if they find a guy like Anderson that can cover and blitz as well as he does.
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