Will Lebron Leave Cleveland?

Will Lebron Leave Cleveland?

Will Lebron Leave Cleveland?

Writer's Q&A:  Will LeBron James stay with the Cavaliers after his contract is up?

Bill Smith: This draft will be the second most important in the history of the Cavs. They MUST get some real help for LBJ. Picking 19th doesn't help. They need a scoring point guard. They should also pick up a vet shooting guard that can score from outside. If LBJ doesn't feel that the Cavs are willing to do what it takes to get a championship, he will leave. Last year they tried to get him some help but it remains to be seen how that will work out in the long run. LBJ wants a hand full of rings before he retires.

Ryan Leonardo: Yes, but only if he continues to get help.  The trade they made really didn't help them right away, but it's easy to get impatient.  The Celtics trade made an immediate impact, but you won't see that happen in Cleveland.  It will take time playing with each other and LeBron will have to trust his guys to make shots when he kicks it out of a triple-team coverage.

Eric Geier: I would like to think he would stay in his home state regardless of the situation because the money is going to be there. But Cleveland needs to win a championship. Hopefully when his contract is up New York is still terrible and Jay-Z's influence doesn't effect him very much. 

Pete Quint: Unless the Cavaliers pony up some money to give LeBron some help he's as good as gone.  James is a superstar of the top caliber and deserves a supporting cast worthy of his talent.  So far the Cavs have botched up every attempt to help him and they better get their act together before Cleveland's favorite son bolts for the Big Apple.  I keep hearing Michael Redd's name popping up.  If he's available the Cavs would be fools not to make him an offer.

Steve Patterson: I can’t imagine him staying any longer than the 7 or so years that he’s already committed to. The team continues to try to put together a supportive set of players but every year it’s all LeBron with not much from anyone else. Hughes was a disaster. Wally had a great series against Boston until he got on the floor. No one would blame him if a good situation was available.

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