Gonzo Set to Break Out in Sophomore Season

Gonzo Set to Break Out in Sophomore Season
Anthony Gonzolez

Gonzo Set to Break Out in Sophomore Season

If there is one thing that makes Peyton Manning even more intelligent than he has already shown, it is his ability to know where Anthony Gonzalez is on the field. 

By Ryan Leonardo

    With a stellar Colts WR group that includes Dallas Clark, Marvin Harrison, and Reggie Wayne, Gonzalez still found the end zone three times, including a 55yd TD in the playoffs that gave the colts a 24-21 lead.  He finished the season with 37 catches for 576 yards, for an average of 15.6 yds/catch. 

            The Colts will continue to throw the ball all over the place as they have done successfully since Manning’s rookie season.  The fact that they can keep defenses honest with a solid running attack is a huge key to this as well.  (Thanks, Paul Brown)  Gonzo was overshadowed by Pro-Bowlers Wayne, Clark and Harrison, but Manning found a way to get him the ball and he made the most of it.  As he settles into his role in Indianapolis, one must expect great numbers from # 11 in 2008-09.  Expect his average to stay about the same, but catches and yards should be close to doubling this season.  The one thing that Gonzo has done that you can’t put a numeric value on is making the biggest catch when it matters the most.  You can definitely count on the kind of catches he made at Ohio State with the Colts as well, especially when they have Peyton Manning and a complex, fast-paced air attack.   

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