Incoming Football Freshman Studied for Flaws

Incoming Football Freshman Studied for Flaws
Terrelle Pryor

Incoming Football Freshman Studied for Flaws

The incoming freshman class was on campus Saturday to undergo tests by the Biomechanical and Sports Medicine Department to study each player’s internal and external characteristics and evaluate their potential for injury.

By Eric Geier

Pryor Checks In

    Seven freshmen made their first appearance on campus as Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday when they underwent computer-aided motion assessment tests in the Biomechanics lab on Saturday.  Each player passed the tests without incident, but the data will continue to be analyzed by a team of doctors and scientists to determine any weak points on their body that may be susceptible to injury. As always, all eyes were on the phenomenal freshman Terrelle Pryor. According to the Columbus Dispatch, Pryor was a “physical specimen.”

Bulking Up After Basketball

    Though players are off-limits to the media until summer practices start, Roy Hall, Pryor’s quarterback coach in high school estimated that he has gained 15 pounds of muscle since his basketball season ended last March.  Ray Reitz, Pryor’s coach at Jeannette High School also said, “This is probably the strongest he has ever been. He’s been busting his butt in the weight room, running with a parachute. This kid has always worked hard, but he’s pushed it a little further now.”
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