Henton to Depart?

Henton to Depart?
Antonio Henton

Henton to Depart?

Antonio Henton is rumored to be transferring to Georgia Southern, according to an ESPN source.  Knowing that Pryor was coming in to steal the show, it was all but inevitable. 

By Ryan Leonardo

Terrelle Pryor

    Pryor’s arrival definitely was the biggest factor in Henton’s departure.  Schoenhoft did the same thing, just earlier. Henton was in the news for more bad than good in Columbus, but everyone deserves a second chance in the high-pressure, high-temptation land of major college football. Although Henton could not be reached for confirmation, he has supposedly told some teammates that he is going back home.

Georgia Southern

    GSU’s summer classes begin next week, and Henton is for sure going to leave.  To make it more certain, Henton’s high school coach is the offensive coordinator at Georgia Southern. If he doesn’t transfer after all of these tell-tale signs, it would be a huge shock.  It won’t be on the front page of the Dispatch, but people in Columbus will definitely be buzzing about this transfer.  It’s always tough to see a talented player transfer, but in all honesty, he wouldn’t get much of a chance to play. Barring any miraculous series of events, that is.  All the best on the field and in the classroom, Antonio.

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