Off Season moves impact on ex-Buckeyes in the NFC East

Off Season moves impact on ex-Buckeyes in the NFC East
Terry Glenn

Off Season moves impact on ex-Buckeyes in the NFC East

Bobby Carpenter getting another chance in Dallas, Tyler Everett battling a number of cornerbacks in the Cowboys camp, Terry Glenn wants to play, Bam Childress is picked up in Philadelphia, and Shawn Springs continues to do what Shawn Springs does, get invited to the Pro Bowl.

By Bill Smith


            Carpenter, Bobby LB The first round choice in 2006 has been labeled by some as a bust but he really has never had a chance to show what he could do.  This year which was weak in the draft at LB, the Cowboys received several inquiries to see if he would be available for trade.  They rejected them.  In an interview Bobby said "I'd like to think that means they have a plan for me.  We will see. I just want an opportunity to play."  He is still deep on the depth chart but there is a chance to see him move up based on his performance in both training camp and the preseason.

            Everett, Tyler DB Tyler enters a very crowded but injury plagued DB field as an FA.  He did not play last year.  There is a lot of intrigue here.  Last years starting CBs Terence Newman and Anthony Henry both missed several games with injuries.  Henry may be moved to safety to replace the run-stuffing Roy Williams who couldn't cover a lamp post for more than 2 seconds.  The Cowboys traded for CB Adam Jones formerly known as Pacman but he has yet to be reinstated by the NFL and prove that he is capable of staying out of trouble.  They also used one of their 2 first round draft choices on the “other” Mike Jenkins from South Florida and a 4th round choice on Orlando Scandrick from Bosie St.  Tyler's chances are not good but he could be put on the practice squad.

            Glenn, Terry WR is still playing tug of war with Cowboy management.  He and the team physician say he is well enough to practice.  The team insists he sign a waiver to protect them if he is hurt again.  On Wednesday he asked the team to put him on the practice field or release him.  So far they have done neither one.           

New York Giants – No former Buckeyes


            Childress, Brandon WR The Eagles have been searching for anyone that can run faster than 4.6 and catch a pass.  So far they haven't found anyone outside their Pro Bowl RB Westbrook.  Childress was last active with the Patriots in 2006.  He is a very long shot to make the roster but has a chance.


             Springs, Shawn CB is a premier player with elite skills. He will start and if healthy all season will be in the Pro Bowl again.                    

Next Friday—NFC North

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams and has scouted talent.  He is a senior writer for  He has also published several novels on and edits
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