Lindy’s Preseason Magazine: High Praise, Yet No Faith

Lindy’s Preseason Magazine: High Praise, Yet No Faith
Lindys 2008

Lindy’s Preseason Magazine: High Praise, Yet No Faith

Having all the talent in the world can’t win a National Championship.  You need support, great coaching/strategy, and faith.  That’s what separates analysts between fans.  It is difficult to believe that this 2008 team will not accomplish great things.

By Ryan Leonardo

Big Ten Preview

            Preseason magazines try their best to uncover the mystery of the college football season.  When reading the Big Ten Preview version seen above, I wasn’t shocked to read that the magazine has Ohio State ranked in the top 5 in almost every category.  Vernon Gholston’s departure was a huge part of why they weren’t on top of the defensive line list.  The magazine ranks Ohio State # 3 overall, behind Georgia and USC.  The publication also praises the backfield 3rd in the nation, and defensive backs 2nd.  Only USC’s offensive line received a better rank than the stacked Buckeye front. 

Beanie Wells

            Beanie Wells is 3rd on their Heisman list, behind Moreno of Georgia and Tebow from Florida.  The magazine also states that Wells has committed to staying for his senior year to make a run at Archie’s all-time record.  James Laurinaitis is a heavy favorite to bring home even more hardware this year, and Lindy’s predicts he will win defensive player of the year.  There is talk about Pryor, but no too much considering he hasn’t played.  The speculation of new recruits is left out of this magazine, which is a good thing.

Southern California

            Lindy’s also says that everyone will be pulling for the Trojans on September 13th because they know that OSU can run the table after that.  They state that people don’t want to see a mockery of the BCS.  Well, tough luck.  When Georgia missed out last year, is already proved inconsistent.  With Kansas, Missouri, WVU, and LSU dropping in the final weeks, Georgia should have moved up.  (Most could argue that the committee won’t select a team that didn’t win their conference)  So all of this talk boils down this; The SEC is tough.  The Big Ten is top-heavy with OSU and Wisconsin.  But why penalize for conference strength when there are tough non-conference games being played?  Tressel is building a league of his own, and it is called a dynasty.
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Ohio State 2017 Football Schedule

Cotton Bowl v USC 12/29 24-7

Big Ten Football Championship 27-21
Thu, Aug 31 @ Indiana 49-21

Sat, Sep 9 vs Oklahoma 16-31

Sat, Sep 16 vs Army 38-7

Sat, Sep 23 vs UNLV 54-21

Sat, Sep 30 @ Rutgers 56-0

Sat, Oct 7 vs Maryland 62-14

Sat, Oct 14 @ Nebraska 56-14

Sat, Oct 28 vs Penn State 39-38

Sat, Nov 4 @ Iowa 24-55

Sat, Nov 11 vs MI State 48-3

Sat, Nov 18 vs Illinois 52-14

Sat, Nov 25 @ Michigan 31-20

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