Koufos Not Ready, But Can’t Blame Him

Koufos Not Ready, But Can’t Blame Him

Koufos Not Ready, But Can’t Blame Him

Koufos could have used another year of seasoning, but it’s hard to judge when you’re on the outside.  Utah picked him 23rd overall, which almost guarantees Kosta some financial security.

By Ryan Leonardo

NBA Odds

    When we discussed earlier in the year here on the BrutusReport about where Koufos would be in 2008, I would have told you the odds that he would be drafted in the first round of the NBA draft were about 1 in 100.  I figured he would stay in school at least one more year, but it was not to be.  Some even thought he would play for the Greek International team, but that didn’t pan out either.

Long Development Curve

    Kosta definitely showed improvement over the last third of the year, but another year of collegiate competition could have helped him with the NBA development curve.  I feel he will be successful at this level, but it might take longer than Utah expects.  Although I totally disagree with his decision, aside from the fact that he won’t obtain a degree, I cannot say that I wouldn’t do the same.  If I was told that I would be drafted in the first round after only one year in college, I would be hard-pressed to turn down the money and wait another year.  Good Luck Kosta, and we will be following.

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