Buckeye Arrested

Buckeye Arrested
Gene Clifford

Buckeye Arrested

Eugene Clifford was arrested for assault in a Cincinnati bar over the weekend.  The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that Clifford punched two employees at the Holy Grail sports bar while the employees were trying to break up a fight. 

By Pete Quint

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    Clifford was suspended for the National Title game last season for violating an unspecified team rule and will undoubtedly face more internal discipline along with any legal punishment.

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    The Buckeyes have been fortunate so far in 2008 with players not getting into trouble.  The legal attention Ohio State received at the start of Tressel’s career has slowed to a trickle.  You can say that “boys will be boys” or “kids will be kids” but there has got a point in time where a young man needs to remember just who and where the heck he is. 

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