It’s Lonely at the Top: Buckeyes Most Hated?

It’s Lonely at the Top: Buckeyes Most Hated?
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It’s Lonely at the Top: Buckeyes Most Hated?

Recent List on Bleacher Report Site Reiterates What We’ve Heard Since 2001.

By Ryan Leonardo

Tops in the “Most Hated College Football Programs in the Last 25 Years”

1.  Miami Hurricanes in the Jimmy Johnson era (1985-1988). They went 44-4.

2.  Southern California from 2003-2005.  I think people hate them because they might have a       recruiting advantage.  How easy would it be to get people to come to the beach?  Either way,    it’s not hard to follow suit here. 

3.   The Ohio State University Buckeyes.  From 2002 to present went 66-11.  That is spectacular on many levels. 

What the Bloggers are saying in Response

"Always overrated and their fans are annoying as (heck)," one guy wrote.

"They are overrated … and that THE Ohio State thing (irks) me to no end," was the best one of these three.

 "Because they are overrated and their fans think they are perfect" was another response.

Making Sense of It All

    None of this offends me, or my friends that are all Buckeye Fans/Alum.  We have the best and sometimes obnoxious fans.  I call it passion.  There are a few that make the rest look bad, just like anything else in life.  It’s ignorant to use an error in logic to relate one bad, poor sport fan to the other 5 million.

    The overrated comment comes from the Buckeyes being in a weaker conference than the last two BCS Champs.  I will say this: It has nothing to do with the SEC speed!  Everyone is fast. 

    The “THE” comment is my favorite.  I first noticed this many years ago on Monday Night Football during introductions.  It became a common thing, and Al Michaels even commented on it one night.  No matter what team was playing, there was always a Buckeye who would introduce the University this way.  Well, except for Terry Glenn once, but that isn’t surprising. 


    Not many programs have the tradition that THE Ohio State University boasts.  National exposure, history, excellence on and off of the field, and support from the best fans put us in the “most hated” list. And that’s fine with me.
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