On The Phone With Jamie Wood

On The Phone With Jamie Wood
Jamie Wood

On The Phone with Jamie Wood

Jamie Wood is a national top-DB prospect from Pickerington Central.  With offers from Kansas, Illinois, Penn State, Stanford and many others, his decision to choose Ohio State was pretty simple.

Interview By Ryan Leonardo

Ryan:  “First of all, congratulations on committing to Ohio State.

Jamie:   “Thank You.  Thank You.”

Ryan:   “Who else recruited you besides the Buckeyes?”

Jamie:  “Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Northwestern, Cincinnati, Penn State and Stanford.”

Ryan:  “What made the Buckeyes the best choice besides being close to home?  Or was that the biggest reason?” 

Jamie:  “That was a big reason, but I just felt a family environment with Coach Tressel and the staff.  I like the way Tressel carries himself.  Plus, I have always been a Buckeye fan.”

Ryan:  “So it wasn’t a tough decision?” 

Jamie:  “Nope, Just a matter of time.”

Ryan:  “Have you been in contact with current DBs such as Jenkins, etc.?”

Jamie:  “Yea, I met Malcom Jenkins at church and talk to him on Facebook.  “I have talked to Kurt Coleman and Anderson Russell also.”

Ryan:  “There is a lot of speculation surrounding Pryor and the fact that people believe he will have ego problems due to people telling him all of his life he is the best player ever.  Some think that might hurt his success. Your take?"

Jamie:  “Pryor will be a great player.  Tress won’t let that happen.” 

Ryan:  “That said, no matter your recruiting rank nationally, do you need to work on your game still?”

Jamie:  “You can always get better.  “You have to play your game, and can’t change anything.  You have to play like you have nothing.” 

Ryan:  “Will you be a Buckeye by the next Spring Game?"

Jamie:  “Yea, I plan on enrolling early and am currently taking HS English online to speed it up.”

Ryan:  “Just one more question I must ask since you know your stuff.  What are the chances the Buckeyes reach the BCS title game this year?” 

Jamie:  “Probable.  They have one of the best classes in the nation.  If they win the USC game, they will roll for it.” 

It was a pleasure talking to Jamie Wood and we wish him the best in the future. 

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