Palmer Comments a Little Premature

Palmer Comments a Little Premature

Palmer Comments a Little Premature 

We’ve all heard Carson Palmer’s commentary on OSU and their fans.  This kind of arrogance usually comes back to bite you.

By Ryan Leonardo

    Bengal’s owner Mike Brown, son of legendary coach Paul Brown, made a statement recently regarding Palmer’s comments.  "I have an announcement I have to read. It says, 'Go Bucks,' signed, Carson Palmer.”  Obviously, this is a joke.  He is probably embarrassed that his quarterback made those comments.  But OSU fans are not.  Let’s just let it be proven on the field and cut the talk.  Most Buckeye fans know that it is going to be a tough game, and would not go as far as to say we are going to “pound” them.  Palmer is entitled to his opinion, but he might have to eat those words.

We hear it all the time……

    Ohio State fans are annoying, obnoxious, and think that they are the only team.  There is a truth to that, whether we are struggling, winning, or rebuilding.  That’s just the difference between our program and the rest.  Pride, tradition, and support make a program what it is.  If I were a Bengals fan though, I might not like Palmer anymore, only because as a quarterback you have to make quick decisions.  It is very apparent that he didn’t think before he spoke this time.  Opinions aside, he plays for an Ohio team and there are many fans in the Cincinnati area.

Our field or Theirs

    It was great timing in scheduling this game.  It will be one of the most anticipated games of the year.  The Buckeyes will continue to work hard and show up on Saturday.  I do feel that USC might be surprised in the team they will face.  It might just put the Big Ten scrutiny to rest.
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