September 13


USC owns a slight edge over OSU in the overall series 11-9-1 and have beaten the Buckeyes in the last five consecutive contests.  Both teams will be in the top five and might hold two of the top three positions.  Since neither team plays a conference championship, this game could mean the difference between an appearance in the National Championship game or not.  The loser isn’t out of the championship picture but the winner controls their own destiny.

By Pete Quint


    OSU is returning a veteran defense and USC will be breaking in a new quarterback.  No doubt that USC is year in and year out one of the deepest teams in the country and this year is not exception.  The Trojans have ridiculous depth and talent at both running back and wide receiver and will keep the silver bullet defense on their toes all day.  Two things need to happen for the Bucks to be victorious; put pressure on the young USC quarterback and rely on Beanie Wells to take advantage of a depleted defensive line.


    Night game.  L.A. Coliseum.  Hollywood celebrities.  National spotlight.  The pressure is undeniable but this kind of non-conference game is exactly what Jim Tressel and the Buckeyes need.  The last three years of cupcake non-conference games has made OSU soft and squishy around the middle and a punch line in the national perspective.  Whoever is victorious in this heavily anticipated clash of the titans will secure the #1 spot in the polls and have an inside track to the national championship.  The loser will drop but not too far and will likely have to run the table to get a shot at the title.  

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