Ohio State vs Troy

Ohio State vs Troy

Ohio State vs Troy

September 20


Troy has it tough this preseason taking on both OSU and LSU.  Ohio State is coming off a huge game with USC and will have their sights set on starting the Big Ten season.

By Pete Quint


    Over the years, mobile quarterbacks have always given Jim Tressel coached teams fits.  Troy will roll one out in Columbus on September 20th, they just don’t who it is yet.  A four man battle for the quarterback spot this fall will put the Trojans is a tight spot against OSU.  The Buckeye defense will not give an inexperienced mobile quarterback much leeway or time to be effective.  The undersized Troy defense will get pounded by Beanie Wells.


    This one could get ugly.  14 starters return on a pretty good 2007 Troy team but losses at the skill positions will ultimately be their undoing against the Buckeyes.  Even coming off a tough game against USC, the Buckeyes will be too much for the inexperienced Troy squadron.  Buckeyes win big.

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