Quinn Pitcock Unexpectedly Quits Colts

Quinn Pitcock Unexpectedly Quits Colts
Quinn Pitcock

Quinn Pitcock Unexpectedly Quits Colts

After just one season in which he played in nine games on the defensive line, former Buckeye stand out Quinn Pitcock has decided to retire from the Indianapolis Colts at age 24.

By Eric Geier

One and Done

    Former Ohio State defensive tackle Quinn Pitcock has decided to hang up his cleats after playing in just one season in the NFL. The third round pick decided to retire after “much deliberation and careful thought,” according to his agent Brad Leshnock. The reason for his retirement remains a mystery and it is perplexing to a team that expected Pitcock to be a solid defensive player this season for the Colts. According to Colts defensive tackle Nader Abdallah, “some things came up in his life which I can’t speak for.”

Last Minute Change of Mind

    Though Pitcock decided to retire, Tony Dungy and the Colts front office are willing to give Pitcock a second chance should he want to reconsider his decision. On the other hand, if Pitcock doesn’t change his mind, the Colts could try to get some of his $436,500 signing bonus back.More information on Pitcock’s retirement is bound to leak out in the near future. Some say that Pitcock was driving to camp, had some kind of breakdown, turned around and didn’t come back. Regardless, Brutusreport.com will keep you abreast on the situation as it unravels.

    Quinn Pitcock played in nine games while recording thirty tackles last season. He was going to be in the second year of a three-year deal, he planned to make $1.267 million.

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