Big Ten to Ohio State: “Oops”

Big Ten to Ohio State: “Oops”

Big Ten to Ohio State: “Oops”

Last week the Big Ten told Ohio State that the refs in the Ohio State vs. Illinois game should have a reviewed a fumble by the Illini that was ruled down by contact. Illinois went on to score on the drive and eventually won the game 28-21.

Why Now?

    It was obvious during the game that this was a fumble; it should not have taken 8 months for the Big Ten to admit that their refs made a mistake. There must be something going on behind the scenes, the Big Ten would not make this announcement unless someone at Ohio State was asking about it.

Deciding Points

    Reality is that this play could have affected the outcome of the game, as the ball was recovered by the Buckeyes inside their own ten yard line. The Illini punched it in on the next play and won the game by seven points by controlling the ball in the fourth quarter and running out the clock without a reason to score.
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