Big Ten Says Illini Fumble Needed Review

Big Ten Says Illini Fumble Needed Review

Big Ten Says Illini Fumble Needed Review

Even though we have forgotten that nightmare that was last November 10th, it is still nice to get some closure.

By Ryan Leonardo

Tressel didn’t want to use his challenge that early

    After an 80-yd run, Illini running back Daniel Dufrene coughed it up at the 3 yard line.  The ball rolled into the endzone and was called out of bounds by side judge Joe Duncan.  The replay clearly showed that this was a terrible call.  ABC’s Bob Griese said “There’s no doubt the ball came out and it was a fumble.”  Coach Tressel decided not to use his only challenge that early.  Starting this year, if your first challenge is upheld, you get a second one.

Crew won’t be doing any ’08 Big Ten games

    The Big Ten has not renewed the contract for referee Steve Pamon, head of that crew that night.  This is not the only reason, though.  Pamon has come under fire with criticism from 2007’s Penn State/Purdue game, as well as numerous allegations of casino gambling, child abuse, and sexual harassment.

Making sense of it

    We all know the crew blew that call.  I remember many times over the past couple of years that I couldn’t believe some of the non-calls.  That is something that every team deals with.  It did hurt us in the game, but not our chances of getting into the title game, with some help.  Sometimes calls are hard to make, and it cannot be more disappointing to have an outcome of a game decided by a missed call.  It honestly wasn’t the case here.
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