Scouting Report on Troy Smith and Adrian Clarke

Scouting Report on Troy Smith and Adrian Clarke
Troy Smith

Scouting Report on Troy Smith and Adrian Clarke

Preseason Game New England @ Baltimore

By Bill Smith

Troy Smith QB BAL

            The official stats of the game show that Smith was 5 completions in 12 attempts for 74 yards with no TD's or interceptions.  That does not begin to tell the whole story.  First, the Ravens started their 5th string LT.  Perennial All Pro Ogden is retired.  The first two alternates are both injured.  The surviving starter went to the sideline with the first string.  Basically, Troy had a guy that will be bagging groceries by this time next month protecting his blind side.    To make things even worse, the Ravens did not play their top LG or RT.  So the second team that came in with Smith was composed of 2 guys of the 3rd string and the 5th string LT.  Not a good situation.

            Troy used his athleticism not necessarily to generate offense so much as a survival technique.  He was under pressure from both sides as the tackles were playing turn-styles allowing everyone through.  The Ravens were using the infamous look-out block where the tackle turns to the QB and yells “look out!”  Troy did hit a couple of nice passes rolling out and throwing on the run.  He also had a 2 passes dropped by rookie receivers.

            He showed his escapability often out of necessity.  Unless the offensive line gets a lot better or healthier, Troy will be the starting QB because both the other candidates are statues waiting to be sacked.  Smith missed on a couple of short passes because he put too much heat on the throws.  He also was nearly intercepted when he read blitz and stared down the receiver.  He also misjudged a screen pass that was knocked down and nearly intercepted. 

            Troy played about a quarter and scored 13 points in my scouting system.  That translates to a 52 point game equivalent.   Smith's grade is B+.

Adrian Clarke G BAL

            Clarke played RG for most of the second half.  Against the 3-4 defense, he was usually helping to double team the nose guard along with the center.  He does pull of the double team and help out when the C handles the NG.  He has always been a good run blocker and displayed that ability in the game.  He is quick enough to get outside but is not always as accurate at hitting the first guy that shows as he should be.  He held on one running play but didn't get called for it.  While that doesn't cost his team yards, it does hurt his scouting score. 

            He also contributed to a sack and fumble lost by rookie QB Flacco.  His opponent got the first step on him and was one of two that pressured Flacco into a fumble.  He ended up with 3 scouting points in a half or 6 for a full game.

            Clarke's grade is C.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams and has scouted talent.  He is a senior writer for  He has also published several novels on and edits
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