USC QB Sanchez Dislocates Knee

USC QB Sanchez Dislocates Knee
Mark Sanchez

USC QB Sanchez Dislocates Knee 

Sanchez tweaks knee in practice last Friday, and outlook is still unclear.

By Ryan Leonardo

Non-contact injuries can be just as serious

    Mark Sanchez was in a great spot.  Projected starter and leader of the highly ranked Trojans, he seemed ready to deal with this adversity.  But before he could make it into a game, let alone the September 13th showdown, he dislocates his patella after landing on it awkwardly.  He could miss up to four weeks, although doctors say there was no ligament damage.    "It was scary, frightening at first," Sanchez told ESPN. "The way they say these things happen, it could be a lot worse. ... I have heard about people who come back from this in a short period of time and others in a long period. I'm hoping mine is short."


    This could be trouble for the Trojans, especially early on.  We all know the season rides on the Sept. 13th game for both schools.  Sanchez says he hopes to be ready for their opening game at Virginia on August 30th.  Whether he comes back in two weeks or tomorrow, it’s never good to see your starting QB get carted off of the field before the season.  Stay tuned to for updates regarding Sanchez’s injury.
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