Tight Lid Remains on Buckeyes Offensive Plans

Tight Lid Remains on Buckeyes Offensive Plans
Terrelle Pryor

Tight Lid Remains on Buckeyes Offensive Plans

Like a CIA operative holding top-secret government information, Jim Tressel is keeping a tight lid on what he plans to do with Terrelle Pryor and the Buckeye offense this season.

By Eric Geier

Fall Open Practice

    When the Ohio State practice opens to the public on August 18th, there’s one player everyone is going to be watching. Do I really have to tell you? Yea, it’s Terrelle Pryor. Ohio State is just how I like my baked potato, loaded. But the X factor this season could be a freshman. Everyone in the country wants to see what this kid can do, but you may not see it until September 13th. There is a rumor circulating that Tressel is going to save Pryor for USC, his ace in the hole. Speculation is that Tressel, taking a note from USC, will use Pryor as his own Trojan horse, bring him in quietly and let him explode. There’s really no point in displaying his talent against low quality teams like Youngstown State and Ohio University because it will just give teams more time to prepare for him. I say give him a trial by fire on a national stage.

Options for Pryor

    Another option is to showcase bits and pieces of his game during the first two matches. Tressel could put Pryor in for a series in each game and show some different formations to give his opponent one more element to prepare for. He has the ability to play multiple positions on the field, but really shouldn’t be used solely as a quarterback right now as his arm strength cannot beat Boeckman’s.

New Offensive Formations

    After losing two straight title games (I’m so sick of writing that) Ohio State has to change, and it looks like they have. There have been glimpses of the “Pistol” formation as well as the “Pony backfield,” two formations that just a year ago seemed too futuristic for the traditionalist Buckeyes. It’s amazing what a couple nationally televised beatings can do.

    Still, the only clues to new offensive formations come from comments made by players, never from coaches. Though they just mention it, they never go into detail. This leads me to believe that this season Buckeye fans are going to see some different formations and plays that vary from the three yards and a cloud of dust philosophy that for so long has been associated with Ohio State. In order to win the Buckeyes must change as the game changes; look for that progression this year.

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Ohio State 2017 Football Schedule

Cotton Bowl v USC 12/29 24-7

Big Ten Football Championship 27-21
Thu, Aug 31 @ Indiana 49-21

Sat, Sep 9 vs Oklahoma 16-31

Sat, Sep 16 vs Army 38-7

Sat, Sep 23 vs UNLV 54-21

Sat, Sep 30 @ Rutgers 56-0

Sat, Oct 7 vs Maryland 62-14

Sat, Oct 14 @ Nebraska 56-14

Sat, Oct 28 vs Penn State 39-38

Sat, Nov 4 @ Iowa 24-55

Sat, Nov 11 vs MI State 48-3

Sat, Nov 18 vs Illinois 52-14

Sat, Nov 25 @ Michigan 31-20

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