Saturday Scrimmage at the Shoe

Saturday Scrimmage at the Shoe
Alex Boone

Saturday Scrimmage at the Shoe

With 14 days till kickoff of the 2008 season, the Buckeyes will be in Ohio Stadium today for a very important mid-camp scrimmage. The scrimmage means a lot to the players as the coaches continue to work on new material and evaluate the younger players.

By Steve Patterson

How Will They Do?

            A lot of the offensive line is in the best shape they have been for some time and starting guard Steve Rehring told the media this week about how important today’s scrimmage will be. “I’m interested to see how everyone does on Saturday. After Saturday, it’s all down hill from there. I feel better this season than I did last season. I’ve been going fast and working hard during practice.” Offensive lineman Steve Rehring said.

Best Condition in a While

            Left Tackle Alex Boone talked about his condition this fall compared to prior fall camps. “I feel in better shape starting off this season. My legs are better and my back doesn’t swell after practice. I have the same power everyday. I’m like Superman.” Boone said about his physical condition.

        What will make today’s scrimmage important is the game like atmosphere that the coaches have put together according to Offensive Coordinator Jim Bollman. “It’s an important day Saturday. They go hard against each other in practice. This is different because it’s more of a game-like setting to see how guys handle it.” He said.

Young Players

        Two young guys that have been doing well in fall camp are JB Shugarts and Andrew Miller according to the senior leaders on the line. “JB (Shugarts) has impressed me the most.” Boone said. “He’s big and can move. I’m excited for Mike (Adams) to get healthy and see what he can do. Overall, everyone is doing a great job and staying focused. ”

        Rehring likes what he sees in Miller. “(Offensive lineman) Andrew Miller has been playing really well. The younger guys are learning and we’ll see how well they do in the scrimmage Saturday. A lot is thrown at us on Saturday and it’s interesting to see how guys deal with it.”

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