While In China James Gets Some Help At Home

While In China James Gets Some Help At Home
Mo Williams

While In China James Gets Some Help At Home

Right now LeBron James is focused on bringing glory back to American Olympic Basketball Team. He and the “Redeem Team” are focused on winning the gold medal and righting the wrong of 4 years ago. Meanwhile in Cleveland the Cavs are focused on getting James some help in winning the NBA Championship.

By Steve Patterson

Mo to the Rescue 

    The Cavs have finally traded for some help. With James on the team they only need one more weapon to get over the top and they hope that Mo Williams will be that weapon. It has become apparent that no one person, not even LeBron James, can win an NBA championship on their own. He came close two years ago and he nearly knocked off the eventual champs this year. Cleveland is hoping that Mo and the King will be enough to bring home the trophy this year.

Will the Cavs Plan Work?

    Last year we all watched as the Boston Celtic were rebuilt in a single year. They were able to trade for a championship team in one offseason. Cleveland has had the major piece in place for years but they have been trying and failing to find a compliment to James. Mo Williams is a different kind of weapon than the others they have tried. He is young and he is proven, but Cavs fans still have to hope that this latest experiment will work.

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