Scouting Report Chargers vs Rams

Scouting Report Chargers vs Rams
Orlando Pace

Scouting Report Chargers vs Rams

Wilhelm, Pittman, and Pace

By Bill Smith

    Antonio Pittman started for the Rams against the Chargers and looked good.  He was running up the gut breaking tackles and sliding through very small holes.  He had 3 runs of more than 10 and on each one broke at least 2 tackles.  He had only one run that was stopped for no yardage.  He ended up with 9 carries for 67 yards and a catch for 6.  He scored 12 scouting points in a little less than a half.  That is a grade of B+.

    Orlando Pace looked good while the rest of the line looked like cheap lawn ornaments.  He drove the outside linebacker into the ground on several runs to his side.  He kept the pass rushers off the QB scoring points on 7 pass plays and on one he put the DE on the ground and laid on top of him.  BUT on a single play he totally blew a pass block which not only resulted in a sack, a fumble and a badly bruised QB.  That single play cost him 7 scouting points and resulted in a C- grade.

    Matt Wilhelm is starting his second year of starting.  He played the first half against the Rams.  He doesn't read as quickly as you would like.  His time on special teams slowed his development.  But he played consistently.  He covers well in zone and holds up against the run.  He is a little slow to shed a block and makes some tackles too down field.  He shows excellent effort making some plays that you would not expect.  He netted 6 points in a half which rates a B- grade.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams and has scouted talent.  He is a senior writer for  He has also published several novels on and edits
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