Scouting Report Will Smith vs. Texans

Scouting Report Will Smith vs. Texans
Will Smith

Scouting Report Will Smith vs. Texans

Sometimes when a player gets a big contract they tend to back off and their performance suffers.  A study done in MLB showed that overall performance declined 11.5% after a big contract.  That is not the case with ex-Buckeye Will Smith.  Even in a preseason game he gives the Saints everything he has on every play.  That is all a coach can ask of a player.

By Bill Smith

Preseason Effort

    Veterans in Smith's situation that are established stars suffer training camp 2 a day practices and preseason games as a necessary evil.  They are usually trying to get out of work to save themselves for the games that count.  Smith may feel that way but it does not affect his play.  He plays at a very high level in the preseason just like it was a playoff game.

    In the game against the Texans, Smith was opposite one of the players that I listed on my all “under-appreciated” rookies published here a month prior to the draft T Duane Brown.  Brown has played very well at the surprise first round pick of the Texans and instant starter at LT.  But Brown had his hands full against Smith.            

The Need to Double Smith

    Smith was drafted primarily as a pass rusher.  He is very effective at that.  He uses a combination of power rush and very sophisticated leverage moves.  He requires a double team on any long pass.  This year he is likely to see fewer doubles.  He should be helped with the addition of seventh overall pick Sedrick Ellis (USC) starting beside him. 

    Against the Texans, he split double teams and got pressure on the QB.  He also stoned a double on a run and made the tackle.  He consistently drove Brown into the backfield often getting close enough to make the QB move or throw early.  He also caused a holding penalty by the offense on a pass.

A Pro-Bowl Run Stuffer

    When he was drafted, it was assumed by the experts that Smith would be a liability against the run but that has not been the case.  Smith was selected to the pro-bowl for the first time last season.  That is an indication that he has mastered the run as well as the pass. 

    Smith played the first half of the game.  In 9 total ratable plays he had only 1 negative play which is unusual for a DE.  Smith scored 11 net scouting points for a grade of A.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams and has scouted talent.  He is a senior writer for  He has also published several novels on and edits
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