No TBDBITL in the Coliseum

No TBDBITL in the Coliseum
OSU Marching Band

No TBDBITL in the Coliseum

Unfortunately those of us viewing the OSU / USC game in person or at home will not get to see the legendary “Script Ohio” performed by the Ohio State University Marching Band at the Coliseum.  The ghostly image of “Ohio” that is imprinted onto the field during the pre-game ritual and stays throughout the game is a treat most Buckeye fans truly look forward to seeing.

By Pete Quint

Too Expensive to Travel

    Rising fuel prices and a tight budget have prevented the OSUMB from traveling to Southern California on September 13th.  A substitute Alumni Band was organized and scheduled to take over the seats allotted to the OSUMB but upon hearing that the regular band could not make it, USC athletic department quickly sold the tickets before the Alumni Band was able to tell them they were coming.

    This is not a shot at the USC athletic department; Ohio State would have done the same thing in that same situation.  Rather, I feel sorry for the current band members that will be unable to experience a game of this caliber away from the confines of Ohio Stadium. 

The Positives of Travel

    Part of the fun of being in a collegiate organization is the ability to travel.  Many athletic, scholastic and artistic groups get a rare chance to see other parts of the country and meet the people that support their universities with equal passion.  Meeting and speaking with these folks gives students a larger perspective about how fans feel and how they should act around others.  Most of these individuals that get the opportunity to travel walk away with great stories and positive opinions about fans around the country and by taking off the Buckeye rose colored glasses these folks ultimately become better and more respectful fans.  I would hazard a guess that most, not all, Buckeye fans that continue to embarrass Ohio State with their idiotic, drunken, asinine behavior toward visiting fans are Buckeye fans that have never and have no desire to travel to games outside the safe confines of Ohio. 

    It’s really too bad that the band is grounded for the game and I’m sure the Varsity Club will be filled to the brim with band members on the 13th to cheer the Bucks on to a victory.  Although, I’m betting another trip to the national championship game will offset any lost experience there may have been in Southern California.
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Cotton Bowl v USC 12/29 24-7

Big Ten Football Championship 27-21
Thu, Aug 31 @ Indiana 49-21

Sat, Sep 9 vs Oklahoma 16-31

Sat, Sep 16 vs Army 38-7

Sat, Sep 23 vs UNLV 54-21

Sat, Sep 30 @ Rutgers 56-0

Sat, Oct 7 vs Maryland 62-14

Sat, Oct 14 @ Nebraska 56-14

Sat, Oct 28 vs Penn State 39-38

Sat, Nov 4 @ Iowa 24-55

Sat, Nov 11 vs MI State 48-3

Sat, Nov 18 vs Illinois 52-14

Sat, Nov 25 @ Michigan 31-20

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