USC has Jock Itch Troubles

USC has Jock Itch Troubles
USC Joe McKnight

USC has Jock Itch Troubles

If the injuries to key players and facing a tough early schedule weren’t enough the Southern California football team has been stricken with numerous cases of jock itch.

By Steve Patterson

New Shorts to Blame

        Reports from USC camp have 25% of players suffering from either jock itch or chafing caused from new compression shorts the team is wearing. Pete Carroll recently commented that he has never seen anything like it.

        Two players last week were unable to participate in practice due to the irritation. Tailback Joe McKnight and wide receiver Tavon Patterson sat out on Wednesday at times unable to walk due skin irritation in the groin.

Pete Carroll has the Problem under Control

        The team has responded by re-evaluating their equipment practices and use of the shorts in question according to Pete Carroll.
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