Time Warner embraces the BTN.

Time Warner embraces the BTN.
Big Ten Network

Time Warner embraces the BTN

Ohio State fans who subscribe to Time Warner can breathe a sigh of relief today as the cable giant and the Big Ten Network have finally come to an agreement.   Time Warner will start airing the Big Ten Network in time for this Saturday’s game with Youngstown State. 

By Pete Quint  

Long Battle

    Time Warner and the Big Ten Network have been at an impasse since the inception of the network late last summer.  Neither side would budge on how the network would fit into Time Warner’s channel offerings.  The biggest hurdle was the fact that Time Warner wanted to offer the network on a higher specialized price tear similar to the NFL Network but the Big Ten Network refused to allow the cable company to charge a premium and wanted instead to keep it on the normal basic cable rate.

Details to Come

    Details on the agreement are not clear at this point but the deal will expand the Big Ten Network across the eight states the Big Ten operates.  With the recent strong arm tactics the Big Ten Network has been using, I can’t help feeling that Time Warner finally caved in to the network.  I’m still not thrilled with the idea of the BTN but as for now we can all finally get to see the Buckeyes no matter what cable service we subscribe to.

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