OSU 26 v. OU 14 Offensive Scouting Report

OSU 26 v. OU 14 Offensive Scouting Report
Todd Boeckman Ohio

OSU 26 v. OU 14 Offensive Scouting Report

Against the Green of OU, the Buckeye's offense was—offensive. The optimist would say that the Bucks were looking ahead past the OU Bobcats to the “big” game at USC.  Pessimist fans might well schedule a root canal for next week’s game.  Given how the Bucks played today, the root canal may be a lot less painful than the game itself.

By Bill Smith           

            The basic problem was the lack of a running game up the gut.  The offensive line was not able to push the D off line to open holes.  The OU defensive linemen were able to keep both blockers on a double team dealing with them leaving the linebackers absolutely spotless to make tackles.  The line must be able to block the D-line then scrape off to clear the second level if runs up the middle are going to work.  We are not able to move the line let alone the backers or safeties at the second level.

            FB Brandon Smith did a nice job particularly on runs off tackle getting a block on the second level.

            The only way that the running game is going to generate the kinds of runs that will regularly keep us out 3rd and long situations is to get decent yardage on the ground.  We can not just run outside.  No team can maintain control of the ball facing 3 and 8 or 9 consistently.  Getting Beanie Wells back will help because he has the power to break the first tackle.  Given the struggles we have had blocking the run; his average per carry is outstanding.

            The running backs that played today were not hitting the hole with abandon.  They try to make a move behind the line to avoid a tackler in the hole.  Failing on a 4th and inches against OU is not acceptable.

            The pass protection was not good either.  We gave up 2 sacks in the first half.  We don't ever seem to be able to block a corner or linebacker coming off the open edge of a shotgun formation.  We have seen that same problem since the first Championship game against Florida.  We saw it again against LSU last year.  We need to shore that up if we will have any chance against USC.

            The first three series on offense were three plays and out.  One way to improve protection is to slow down the rush with screen passes and delay draw plays.  Terrelle Pryor was able to run QB draws late in the game against a very tired D-line.  We need to do that earlier in the game to make the passing game go.  We also need to be able to audible out of a run if there are 37 defenders in the box.  A bubble screen or quick pass to a WR will help.

            Todd Boeckman was under a lot of pressure most of the game.  He was inconsistent in part because of the pressure and in part because he was just missing open receivers.  The play calling had a lot to do with it because he was usually throwing on 3rd and forever.  He also had more dropped passes than usual. 

            Boeckman has developed some bad habits.  Too often he stares down the receiver.  That brings the safety over to provide double coverage on our receivers.  He also needs to improve the footwork.  Both of these bad habits go back to the pocket breaking down way too often.  He needs to get time to read the coverage before he can avoid throwing into double coverage. 

            Boeckman ran the ball very well given the pressure he was under.  He had a couple of good runs that got first downs but that was out of desperation rather than part of a game plan.

            The receivers must also be more aware.  We can not complete the pass only to be just short of the line to gain.  Coming back to the ball is great but you have to run far enough past the line that when the receiver comes back he still has the first down.

            I hate to be negative but given the way the offense played, I owe it to you, our readers to be as honest as I can.  The Buckeye's defense and special teams saved the day with turnovers and scores.  The time will come when the Offense needs to carry the team if the D is struggling.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams and has scouted talent.  He is a senior writer for http://BrutusReport.com.  He has also published several novels on http://ebooks-library.com/index.cfm and edits http://fryingpanpolitics.blog.com

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