Ohio State vs. Ohio MVP

Ohio State vs. Ohio MVP
Todd Boeckman Ohio

State vs. Ohio MVP

Though it was a close game, this weeks MVP goes to Todd Boeckman, the senior leader who stepped up to lead the Buckeyes to a close win vs. Ohio.

By Eric Geier

Boeckman Remained Calm

When things started to heat up, cooler heads prevailed. Todd Boeckman remained calm in a game that had players and fans on the edge of their seats. Boeckman went 16 of 26 for 110 yards and had eight rushes for 26 yards.

Veteran Quarterback Play

The numbers may not jump off the page, but it was his leadership and levelheadedness that did the job on Saturday. When Boeckman lost the snap in the end zone during the third quarter, it seemed that the tide was turning. It was the perfect moment to ruffle Boeckman’s feathers, but he didn’t let the mistake get to him, he stayed calm and did his job. He didn’t try to force any passes when the pressure started to build, the sign of a veteran quarterback.

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