Ray Small does the Talking after Making the Plays

Ray Small does the Talking after Making the Plays
Ray Small

Ray Small does the Talking after Making the Plays

After a fantastic game against Ohio University where the junior receiver returned a punt 69 yards to put the Buckeyes over the top, he spoke with reporters about why USC wasn’t for him and why Carson Palmer would talk negatively about Ohio State fans.

By Steve Patterson

Ohio University Game

Ray Small has really come on this year as a big time receiver. He is playing the best out of the three starting receivers for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Against Ohio University he made the play that put the Bobcats away in the fourth quarter and also had five catches for 27 yards, the most catches by a receiver. But after the game he might have said too much about the team’s upcoming game against the USC Trojans.

He visited Southern California with current teammate Rob Rose as a recruit before committing to Ohio State in February of 2006. He went into a comparative analysis of the two teams in the lockeroom in front of reporters instead of doing his class work in class, which he has had a little problem making on time.

USC Smack Talk

“As I took my visit to USC, I'm like, 'How are they successful? They're not even serious about the game,'” Small said in the lockeroom. “Before the game, they're all going crazy. Me and Rob Rose were on the visit and I'm looking like, 'Wow.' And then the coach said, 'You better get out of here. It's about to get hectic.'”

When everyone is looking for material to post to motivate their teams, Smalls words have been used and distributed across USC message boards for such a purpose. The quote is not too damning but it is enough to rattle the fans a little it appears.

Carson Palmer has No Class

Additional comments made by Small began with how former USC quarterback Carson Palmer said some things that an Ohio State player would not say. “It's more of a class thing,” He said. “We took what Carson Palmer said. I don't think somebody from Ohio State would have ever said that remark.”

Then Small made a general statement about the values USC players share. “Here at Ohio State, they teach you to be a better man," Small went on to say. “There, it's just all about football.”

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