Living down to the Hype

Living down to the Hype
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Living down to the Hype

I’m one ticked off Buckeye today.  My hope was that the Buckeyes would make me proud and play a competitive game against the Trojans.  What I saw Saturday night was as disappointing and embarrassing as I have ever been as a Buckeye.

By Pete Quint

Not Much was Good

The play calling was vanilla (did they even try to run around the outside and why did you get away from the Boeckmen / Pryor rotation), the plays were sloppy (how can a veteran team like this have so many stupid drive killing holding and false start calls), the team looked slow (I don’t expect Marcus Freeman to keep up with wide receiver Blake Ayles but what was the rest of the teams excuse) and the players and coaches panicked when they got down by a couple of scores.

OutPlayed and OutCoached

The players were outplayed and the coaches were outcoached, I expected a loss but the Buckeyes let down their school and their conference.  Buckeye fans better get ready for a collective “I knew you guys were soft” from the nation as Ohio State lived down to every expectation bestowed on them in the past two years.  Did you hear the “Overrated” chant by the USC fans?  Expect more of that until the Buckeyes can prove otherwise.
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