Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel on Troy and Minnesota

Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel on Troy and Minnesota
Jim Tressel

Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel on Troy and Minnesota

Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel addressed the media on Tuesday and discussed a number of topics that Buckeye fans have been waiting to hear about. He mentioned the extra preparation and abilities of Terrelle Pryor that have led him to start earlier than most felt he would. He talked about Todd Boeckman being booed by Ohio State fans on Saturday during the Troy University game. And he gave an update on All American running back Chris Wells who is now wearing more of a boot than a shoe when he takes the field.

By Steve Patterson

Terrelle Takes Over Early

Coach Tressel discussed why Terrelle Pryor was able to take over the offense for the Buckeyes so early in his career and what he brings that the team needed at this point in the season. “I thought that as Terrelle came in and grew to learn the system and in large part, thanks to Todd because Todd embraced him from the moment they came on campus, he helped him all summer long, you know it's a little different era now where the freshmen come in June and they go to all those workouts that the seniors hold on their own, they have seven on seven and they learn terminology and all of a sudden we're in preseason and he's rooming with him and talking him through things and in between every snap, all preseason, all August and September long, and the fact that he, from a knowledge standpoint, was so far along, probably further along than I've ever seen a freshman quarterback, and then you add the dimension of what he can do with his feet maybe makes up a little bit for when you're a little shorthanded at running back compared to what you thought you were going to be, so you add all the different things together and whether it's in character or out of character, what's most important is we do what we think is the best thing that can help us at the moment, and, you know, so that's what we felt we needed to go with.”

Todd Boeckman is Booed

A reported asked Coach Tressel what he felt about Todd Boeckman being booed during the Troy University game on Saturday after a bad pass over the middle that fell several feet short of the receiver. “Yeah, that's disappointing. I know we're allowed to do what we want to do, but Todd Boeckman is a first-class guy. You guys were all in the post-game. I mean, he's first-class. He cares about his team. Would he rather than out there? Absolutely. Does he want to try to find a way to get out there more? Absolutely. Did he not throw a good ball one time Saturday? Absolutely. But he's thrown some pretty good balls and he's been a part of the fans having a lot of things to cheer about over the last five years, but that's part of the deal and it's disappointing, but we're certainly not going to sit and scold anybody because we've got enough problems of our own.”

Chris Wells is Probable

One of the main areas of concern since the Youngstown State game to open the season has been the health of Chris Beanie Wells and Coach Tressel gave an update that should excite all Buckeye nation. “I think we're trying to play with a little bit more velocity and quickness than I felt we were playing with earlier in the year. I think that we're learning a little bit more about who we are. Now, it takes a little bit of a side-step. Yesterday Beanie ran every snap he was asked to run, looked to me better than I thought he might look, says he feels wonderful. So you don't know exactly who the cast of characters will be, but I think we've got a pretty good indication of what we feel like each of our people can do and that's helpful.”

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