Ohio State is ready for an Exciting Atmosphere

Ohio State is ready for an Exciting Atmosphere
Jim Tressel red-out

Ohio State is ready for an Exciting Atmosphere

Ohio State fans are being encouraged to wear scarlet shirts, bring scarlet ponchos for the rain, and wave white terrible towels during the prime time game on Saturday night. Add in the night atmosphere, the BCS implications of the game, and ESPN College Gameday broadcasting from outside St. John’s arena and the whole city should be in a frenzy when the 8:00 pm kickoff occurs.

By Steve Patterson

Red-Out Saturday

            At his weekly press conference Head Coach Jim Tressel discussed wearing Scarlet for the game this weekend and the atmosphere that should be exciting for all fans throughout the day. “And speaking of wardrobes, we wanted to make sure we made it loud and clear that we need to be wearing red on Saturday. We need to make that place a sea of red and Bill Livingston even brought another prop.” Coach Tressel said while wearing a very untraditional red jacket.

            Hopefully the rain will not limit the red-out on Saturday night. “And someone mentioned that there was like a 40% chance of some showers, so I need to remind you on the wardrobe, bring your red poncho with you to go over your red sweatshirt so we don't all of a sudden get all dressed in our red and then throw some other color over top of our red.” He said.

National Implications

            Coach Tressel also discussed the national attention the game will demand. “The fact that the world is at the end of their football watching day and they all get to sit back and watch us play is exciting.” Head Coach Jim Tressel said about the game Saturday night in the Shoe. “There will be great energy. I don't know that we'll know the difference between whether Gameday was there or not, but it's exciting to have the attention.”

            “It's exciting to be recognized. It will be neat for our students that they'll go to the Gameday thing all day long and get to scream and yell and have fun and just the environment, the energy, it's a neat thing to have that on your campus and I'm proud of our guys for earning that situation because they didn't name that back in August, they just named it this week, where's the best game of the week and here we go.” Head Coach Tressel said about the student body getting ready for the game and College Gameday deciding that the Penn State game is the best game this week in the country.

Nittany Lions Should be Affected

            The noise level should be loud Saturday night and hopefully the crowd will make play calling for the Nittany Lions difficult. “I expect it to be loud and fun and energetic and I hope it's very difficult for the away team to hear.” Coach Tressel said. “That would be one of my goals. I hope all they see is red and Bill's towels waving next to the red. I hope it's a tough environment. Now, good teams enjoy that too when they're away from home. I know we've enjoyed going into those scenarios. But it doesn't make them easy.”

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