Analysis: Beanie Wells reports to the Cards at 224 lbs.

Analysis: Beanie Wells reports to the Cards at 224 lbs.

Chris Wells Michigan State 2007

Analysis: Beanie Wells reports to the Cards at 224 lbs.

Ex-Buckeye Beanie Wells knows that he is expected to be the man in Phoenix this season. He signed his contract on Friday that was reported to be 4 years with the option of a 5th season.

At the draft Wells weighed in at around 240. But head coach Ken Whisenhunt wanted him to slim down to improve his speed and to reduce his chances of injury. The plan is to have Wells play on 1st and 2nd down and close to the end zone. He will also be the short yardage guy. Tim Hightower, the rookie surprise from the 08 draft, is expected to be the 3rd down guy because he is a fairly polished receiver and pass protector.

Wells was a little busy in the OSU offense to catch many passes. The system used Wells on a play action but seldom threw to him and almost never asked him to pass block. But Wells is an athlete that has been able to do whatever was necessary. If Wells gets a chance to prove his hands are not stone and shows the Cards that he is willing to pass block, he has a great chance to be a 3 down back.

Although Hightower had flashes of brilliance, his 2.8 yards per attempt was unacceptable. Wells has the ability to do anything he wants to do on a football field. Expect him to produce, even though he has lost the equivalent of a 4th grader since the draft.

That's what I think. Tell me what you think.
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