Brady Taylor Transfers To Ohio State

Brady Taylor Transfers To Ohio State

Originally, Brady Taylor was committed to go to Virginia Tech, but he has changed his commitment to Ohio State.  While there are many reasons why Brady may have made this choice, it is clear that Ohio State is capable of finding all of the right talent and bringing it in whether that talent has committed to them or not.

Ohio State Football has shown over the past two years that Urban Meyer knows how to recruit and coach up a team.  Plus, Meyer has shown that he leaves no stone unturned when he is recruiting.  The best of his recruiting triumphs are coming now as an big Offensive Lineman like Brady Taylor is changing his commitment from Virginia Tech to Ohio State.

The obvious allure of Ohio State is the chance to win and win often, but the other part of the allure is that Ohio State readies players for the NFL.  Using this kind of tactic, it is clear that Brady was likely drawn to Ohio State because a team that is hot right now wanted him and he knew that he could be very well-prepared to play in the NFL. 

Without reading minds, it is clear that Ohio State is winning recruiting battles with schools in its conference and schools that will be in its conference in the future. 

With the hard work and dedication of Coach Meyer, Ohio State Football has brought in a brand new Offensive Lineman to make their new offense churn even faster next season.

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