Recruiting For The Ohio State Buckeyes Team
Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer (Photo credit: Sam Howzit)

Recruiting For The Ohio State Buckeyes Team

Very few coaches are able to recruit an elite football team. An exceptional case is the recruitment of 22 enlistees for the Ohio state football team.

Buckeyes' main worry over next season's game was the attacking line and linebacker. Meyer and several other coaches have however handled the concerns ahead of the official signing day.

Buckeyes recruited both Trey Johnson and Mike Mitchell to fill in the linebacker position. In addition, Meyer proceeded to get four-star recruits.

The Ohio State football team began its search early last year when Sam Hubbard and Kyle Berger affirmed their commitment to the group. Dante Booker followed suit six weeks later.

The best candidate enrolled in 2014 recruiting was the linebacker champion Raekwon McMillan. The new group of linebackers is considered the best in the country. To date, 247 sports have declared their faith in the team.

Offensive line
This was a major worry in the 2014 recruiting since the team lost four of its best players at a go. Five enlistees had to be recruited, among them Marcelys Jones and Kyle Trout. An additional prospect Meyer wishes to recruit is Jamarco Jones. Unfortunately, he appears interested in Michigan State.

The other two recruits include Brady Taylor and Demetrius Knox. Buckeyes will have the second best offensive line class in the country if it manages to keep Jones in the fold.

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