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Etienne Sabino, the former Buckeyes linebacker, together with 16 other former Buckeyes attended a workout session on Friday during the Annual Ohio State Football Pro Day.

The main focus of attention was a group of four players, with varying potential, who had the potential to be picked in the first round: they included cornerback Bradley Roby, running back Carlos Hyde, linebacker Ryan Shazier and Jack Mewhort, the offensive lineman.

All the 17 former Buckeyes could not finish the workout session on Friday due to injury or personal choice. This dampened the mood on what would have otherwise been a successful drilling session.

Still, some important lessons were learned that day and fans also got a chance to see and appreciate former Buckeyes. These lessons could be applied to fantasy football leagues.

Ryan is Ridiculous

Shazier had a hamstring injury prior to the NFL Scouting Combine. Therefore, he was not able to run the 40-yard sprint. He experienced the same injury on Friday when dashing the 40 yards.

That said, he posted some crazy results

Shazier was able to clock 4.36 seconds (unofficially). While this may seem fast, the result may get worse if it becomes official. However, it is still by far the best time among linebackers and the 4th fastest time among all players.

In Indianapolis, Ryan jumped 42'' vertically, which is the highest ever. His explosiveness is already proven. His speed was demonstrated on Friday while his tape demonstrates the tackling technique, tactics and football instincts of the player.

Shazier Will not be Available in the Second Round

Mewhort had mastered all the positions in Columbus. He spent most of his time playing as a left tackle starting some games at right and left guard.

In the NFL however, he liked to stay at tackle. Mewhort's versatility is what will help him to get a job (he weighs 315 pounds with a height of 6'6").

In the NFL, no job is guaranteed, so it is smart for Mewhort to try and master different positions. Teams usually have several reliable players to play in all the positions.

A player's ability and willingness to play at different positions is what determines their chances of being picked for the first team.

After all, being drafted is what matters most to all players.

Expect to see Kenny Guiton Working out For the Patriots

The New England Patriots have a track record of developing the Big 10 quarterbacks, so this is good news for Guiton. This is the team that took Tom Brady (Michigan) and helped him get into the Hall of Fame.

Ryan Shazier - OSU Pro Day Q&A
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