Key OSU Basketball Player Did Not Start Classes

DAngelo Russell

D'Angelo Russell is a freshman who was supposed to start on the front lineup and have a starting position with the Ohio State men's basketball team. Although he should have been starting with the team, D'Angelo Russell was not able to begin classes this summer at Ohio State.

Russell is considered the highest rated freshman out of all the incoming new freshmen to join Ohio State men's basketball team.

Russell was unable to begin this summer term because his high school transcripts were not cleared. The NCAA Eligibility Center confirms that they still need to receive his standardized test scores.

In text messages exchanged with Coach Matta, Matta said, "We are hoping to have him here soon".

D'Angelo Russell nor his father were available for any type of comments on the situation when The Dispatch reached out to the family.

D'Angelo Russell is known for helping Montverde Academy win national championships throughout the past two seasons. ESPN ranked Russell 13th out of a list of best players from the recruiting class. He also received the rank of 16th from

Although D'Angelo Russell was invited to participate and try out for the USA Basketball's under 18 team league, he declined. His declination was a result of the problems occurring with starting classes at Ohio State.

Coach Matta has directed all of the players to practice off-season conditioning and strength training exercises.

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