Squads Decline LaQuinton Ross And Aaron Craft For NBA Draft
English: Daequan Cook playing with the Miami Heat

English: Daequan Cook playing with the Miami Heat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has taken almost a decade, but finally there was an NBA draft yesterday, that did not call a player from Ohio State.

Both LaQuinton Ross (small forward) and Aaron Craft (point guard) were left out of the sixty players chosen over a couple of rounds.

Each player is likely to enroll with a squad on a freelance basis, to participate in the July NBA summer tournament, and attempt to gain an invite to a squad's pre season training base.

Out of the main ten players, five were picked in the initial round. These were Gary Harris and Adreian Payne (from Michigan State), Noah Vonleh (from Indiana), and Mitch McGary and Nik Stauskas (from Michigan). Since 1990, this is the largest number of players picked from the conference. The largest number ever picked in the first round was six, in 1980.

Ohio State held the record for the longest consecutive streak of one or more players chosen in NBA drafts. Kentucky equalled that record yesterday, when a couple of their players, James Young and Julius Randle, were picked in the initial round.

In 2007, Kentucky's streak began, with Mike Conley Jr., Daequan Cook and Greg Oden. Over the previous six years, this trend has carried on, with Deshaun Thomas (2013), Jared Sullinger (2012), Jon Diebler (2011), Evan Turner (2010), Byron Mullens (2009), and Kosta Koufos (2008).

Thomas and Diebler were chosen in the second round, however they wound up playing for European squads. San Antonio retained the rights to Thomas, and he will probably play for the Spurs' squad in the summer.

Ross and Craft might be best advised to go undrafted, because their agents can now attempt to find squads for them that are a good fit for their talents --- Ross' perimeter shooting ability, and Craft's toughness and on ball defensiveness.


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